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BR Biomedicals  
320 and Trio- 300, 310, 350
Versatile modes and functions in a palm-sized device, including TENS, EMS (NMS), Microcurrent, preset and free program memories, large LCD screen, Simple four-key operation, Memory retains its contents even when battery runs out, DC and AC operation (with optional AC adaptor). BR
BR Biomedicals  

BR Biomedicals  
ES 320
Blow-out (ejector) vacuum system: No water reservoir is needed.
It is virtually maintenance-free, since dust or moisture does not adhere inside the tube or on the connections, resulting in preventing blockages and oxidation.
Reusable sponge disks or disposable paper disks can be used in the vacuum electrode.

Two vacuum units can be used with our 4-channel electrotherapy unit at the same time, enabling two independent 4-pole IF or four independent 2-pole IF or other modes to be used simultaneously or one vacuum unit with our 2-channel electrotherapy unit.

Connectable to the EU-940, the ES-520 or the ES-521 electrotherapy unit

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