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Sports Medicine & Research
Excalibur sports
BR Biomedicals

In sports Medicine, we represent Lode from Netherlands. They build the most sturdy treadmills requiring no maintenance, , Upright & Recumbent Ergometers for lower limbs as well as a unique arm ergometer ANGIO for the most demanding athlete in the world. EXCALIBUR is the ultimate Ergo meter for the athletes preparing for Olympics with 2500 watts!

For body and strength building we supply Air-resistance Isotonic strength machines made by Air Machine of Italy. These machines use pneumatic pressure for loading against the conventional weight stack. This reduces the jerks associated with such machines. b-Cat from Netherlands produce High altitude training systems by creating low oxygen in rooms and chambers for the training of sportsperson. Such systems are used by Olympic champions all around the world. Other use of this technology is in Museums for the preservation of antiques where nitrogen is flushed to get rid of deep rooted termites.

We have the best Isokinetic system in the world from Con-trex of Switzerland which provide yet innovative solutions for the trainers and researchers. There is a range of 4 machines incl. Multi joint, Leg press, work simulator etc. Force platforms are built by MTD of Germany for Measurement, training and documentation which has applications both in sports and rehabilitation.

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