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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation » Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) » Prima Advance Knee CPM Machine

Prima Advance Knee CPM Machine and Performa

BR Biomedicals  
Prima Advance

passive mobilisation of the knee.
  • Easy to use
  • Tactile Adjustment Marks
  • Available with Comfort Plastic Support
  • Light
  • Compact
With simple and straightforward movement adjustments (angular limits, speed and patient sizing), the Kinetec Prima Advance is the most intuitive and quick to install device currently available.
It features tactile adjustment marks for patients with sight deficiency.

Only 11 Kg (24 pounds) to facilitate handling, the Kinetec Prima Advance is easy to transport making it ideal for the hospital and private physiotherapy environments.

Only 94 cm (37 inches) in length to facilitate installation into a hospital bed or in the client's home and to aid storage.

From -5° to 115° of flexion. The Kinetec Prima Advance makes it possible to treat all pathologies of the knee.
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