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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

BR Biomedical
Our range in Physiotherapy include innovative machines manufactured by ITO company of Japan such as Hot Magner HM 202 and HM 204, Bone Union simulator. Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy of 40 watts, SW 201 is much more effective than the normally perceived SWD of 400 watts!

In Continuous passive motion (C.P.M.) machines we represent Kinetec Ability One of France who produce no less than 12 models such as Centura, Maestra, Spectra etc for each & every joint of human body includng machine to handle children with club foot !! For the production of Artificial Limbs we have the most modern technology called CAD/CAM system for O&P industry from Biosculptor of USA

Gait and Motion analysis are our special interest areas. High speed camera for Motion capture in sports application and for Gait analysis in rehabilitation is supplied by us. This is made by Qualisys AB of Sweden. Advanced data logger for measuring multi-channel EMG monitoring and other physiological parameters is built by Mega from Finland.

We supply a range of Hydrotherapy systems bult by BEKA Hospitek of Germany. They make Butterfly baths with whirlpool and pressure hose for treatment of muscle injuries underwater which is much more effective than conventional treatment methods. Galvanic baths, medicare pools, contrast baths and systems with lifting mechanisms for the bed ridden or wheelchair bound patients are other products
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
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