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Nursing Simulators » Nursing Education » Pediatric Care » Neonatal Model for Intubation

Pediatric Care
Neonatal Model for Intubation LM 089

This model is for practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation for a neonatal baby. It is suitable for practical training and the basic handling of a neonatal baby. It can be used for neonatal cardiopulmonary programs (NCPR), neonatal resuscitation programs (NPR) and various courses.

  1. This model is made of specially developed silicone rubber, which has a similar feel to a living human body.
  2. Thoracic movement can be observed through positive pressure ventilation by utilizing the bag valve mask.
  3. The airway can be managed by utilizing the laryngeal mask and intubation tube.
  4. With deep-seated intubation of the tracheal tube, the elevation of the right lung can be checked.( one-sided lung intubation )
  5. Oral and nasal suction can be practiced.
  6. Chest compression can be practiced.
  7. Umbilical vein catheterization can be practiced.
  8. Measure the beat at the base of the umbilical cord and determine the heart rate.
Bag Valve mask, Tracheal Intubation, One side lung, Chest Compression, Umbilical vein, Determination of Intubation, Catheterization, Heart rate.
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