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MOT6000S I next generation

BR Biomedicals  
  • Safe working load of 454kg / 1000 lbs (heavy load operating table)
  • Safe stand (high stability) through extendible stabilization cylinders integrated into the castors
  • Optimum legroom and foot space for the OP-team through a special, beveled base construction
  • Optimal mobility through the use of double free running castors
  • Physical relief of the OP-staff as well as easy and safe patient transfer through electrical traction drive (optional)
  • Practical attachment of positioning accessories through uncomplicated coupling points with „click“-locking for head, back and leg plates
  • Universal applicability of the table for all surgical disciplines as well as safe and flexible positioning of the patient through modular table top
  • Best possible conditions for intraoperative x-raying by C-arm through:
    • Table top construction without cross bars
    • Optimal accessibility for C-arm through flat base construction
    • Possibility to change to reverse position (enlargement x-ray window)
    • Longitudinal sliding function of the table top (model 603320)
  • Continuous x-ray tunnel for conventional radiography
  • Optimal decubitus prevention through 80 mm, viscoelastic cushions of 3 different foam layers with memory effect
  • Easy handling through user-oriented operating elements
  • Lowering of the training effort through properly structured operating concept
  • Best possible use during endoscopic operations through hand switch and column keyboard with background lighting and well understandable icons as well as color display
  • Exact adjustment of the table trough dimensioned indication of the adjustment functions on the display
  • User-friendly, functional design
  • Time saving through optimal cleaning and disinfection possibilities due to rounded edges and closed, electro polished stainless steel surfaces
  • Time saving and increased lying comfort through simultaneous movement of the motors during leveling of the table top to 0-position
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Cost saving through maintenance free and long-life batteries and electric motors
  • Integrated safety concept (optional)
BR Biomedicals  

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