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Sports Medicine & Research » Mobile foot scan

 Mobile foot scan

F-Scan® Mobile System

F-Scan® Mobile is a complete system which quantifies contact pressure distribution, force, and timing. The Mobile system includes sensors, electronics, and software as well as a protocol for analysis to affirm diagnosis and intervention or research hypotheses.

Using the same time-tested, paper-thin insole sensors as the F-Scan system, the Mobile's unique design allows foot pressure movies to be recorded without cables running from the PC to the client. As a result, a greater degree of flexibility is available for maximum mobility and minimum disruption to the client's natural gait and activity.

Sensor model 3000- ultra-thin, high-resolution - 960 sensels - trims to shoe size 500 Hz Scan Rate & large onboard data storage View 2-D or 3-D data;several graphing options to identify high risk areas

  • Plantar pressure and gait analysis for sports applications such as running, soccer, baseball, basketball, walking, hockey, football, skiing, golf, bowling, and more.
  • Screen for disorders secondary to diabetes or other neuropathic issues
  • Observe gait abnormalities
  • Regulate weight bearing after surgery
  • Monitor degenerative foot disorders
  • Assess high pressures due to ray hypomobility
  • Immediate determination of orthotic efficiency
  • Pre- and post-surgical evaluations
  • Identify areas of potential ulceration
  • Record true athletic events without losing data
  • Go anywhere, anytime, for any distance
  • Manage treatment of foot inside the shoe
  • Increase orthotic footwear performance
  • Reduce cost by reducing the need for follow-up and orthotic adjustments
  • More referrals by increasing patient satisfaction
  • Supporting documentation for fee-for-service approach or insurance claims
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