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Clinical Skill Lab & Simulators » Cardiology Patient Simulator MW10

Cardiology Patient Simulator MW10

Cardiology Patient Simulator “K” ver.2- MW10


“K “, the well-known model to the world's educational institutions for over 20 years, is upgraded for more efficient and effective clinicaltraining in cardiology.


  1. Wireless remote control of multiple units (maximum 5 units).
  2. Playlist can be created.
  3. Touchscreen control panel.
  4. Ready- to-use with connecting to power supply.
  5. Sounds are recorded from real patients and are reproduced by using a high quality sound system.
  6. A stethoscope can be used.
  7. Auscultation sites corresponding to heart valves are located on a life-size manikin body.
  8. 36 cases of total patient simulation
    • 12 cases of normal heart sounds
    • 14 cases of heart disease simulations
    • 10 cases of arrhythmia simulations
  9. 52 cases of Arrhythmia / ECG Simulation
  10. Error Indicator

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