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Mat Scan® System barefoot analysis

Mat Scan® is a low-profile floor mat that captures barefoot plantar pressures. The objective and quantified data gathered by the system can be analyzed to support diagnosis and mode of treatment. Unlike traditional tests, Mat Scan provides insight into foot function and biomechanics, and identifies regions of high plantar pressure that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Mat Scan is available with either Evolution® or VersaTek® electronics.

Mat Scan allows the user to:
  • Screen patients on the basis of foot pressures, function, and postural related problems.
  • Quickly identify foot pressures, foot function and some gait parameters.
  • Monitor the progress / efficiency of foot function during rehabilitation or muscle training.
  • Recommend insoles and/or footwear in a retail setting.
1. Connect 2. Collect 3. Analyze
BR Biomedicals
100 Hz Scan Rate with Evolution; 440 Hz with VersaTek system Assess subjects while walking and standing using 2, 288 sensing elements View 2-D or 3-D data;
several graphing options to identify high risk areas

BR Biomedicals  
  • Identify plantar pressure profile discrepancies between left and right feet
  • Screen for potential ulcerations
  • Identify asymmetries during stance phase
  • Perform in-depth analysis of foot function by isolating sections of the foot such as the heel, midfoot, and forefoot
  • Review dynamic weight transfer and local pressure concentrations
  • Identify areas of potential ulcerations
  • Monitor improvements in balance, strength & weight bearing
BR Biomedicals  

BR Biomedicals  
  • Expand your practice through proactive foot screenings
  • Reduce incidence of ulcers and/or pressure sores and speed healing time
  • Observe what the neuropathic foot cannot feel
  • Provide supporting documentation for fee-for-service approach and/or insurance claims
  • Use as an educational tool to teach rehabilitation exercises for the lower limb
  • Provide supporting documentation for fee-for-service approach and/or insurance claims
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