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Lokomat® Basic

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Intensive functional locomotion therapy

The Lokomat-Basic consists of the robotic gait orthosis and an advanced body weight support system, combined with a treadmill without biofeedback or Augmented Feedback.
  • Patients on a wheelchair can be escorted over a ramp onto the treadmill and are easily fitted into the Lokomat.
  • Computer-controlled motors, precisely synchronized with the speed of the treadmill, move the patient's legs through trajectories that mimic physiological gait patterns.
  • A convenient user interface allows the therapist to easily operate the Lokomat and adjust training parameters to suit the individual needs of the patient.
  • The automated operation relieves physical strain of therapists and enables longer and more efficient therapy sessions.
  • Precise dynamic body weight support optimizes physiological gait training
  • The dynamic low inertia suspension system allows a precise unloading of the patient and promotes a more physiological gait for optimized sensory stimulation.
  • Continuously adjustable body weight support facilitates training for children and lightweight patients.
  • Automated patient lifting and unloading facilitates training allows real time adjustments during therapy sessions.
  • The body weight support can be adjusted precisely to the patient's needs, assuring an optimal training environment.
Benefits of Lokomat based therapy

A driven robotic gait orthosis guides the patient's legs on a treadmill offering a wide range of training possibilities:
  • Faster progress through longer and more intensive functional training sessions compared to manual treadmill training
  • Physical strain on therapists is relieved
  • Single therapist operation
  • Assessment tools allow easy and reproducible measurements of the patient's progress
  • If needed - easily switch from automated to manual therapy
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