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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation » Laser Therapy » Clinical Laser Therapy

Clinical Laser Therapy

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Omega Lasers
Key Features Include:
  • Straightforward and helpful menu system
  • Auto probe recognition
  • Automatic calculation of surface energy density
  • Nine pulsing frequencies options, including multi-pulse mode.
  • Auto repeat treatment time.
  • Total treatment time record
  • Accurate laser beam power output measurement.
  • Visible and audible warning when probe capable of firing and in use.
  • Unmatched built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Acupuncture point finder.
  • Perfect for Equine or sports outdoor use.
Visible Red-Light Probes
Visible red light wavelengths have shown remarkable success in treating wounds; pressure sores and non-healing ulcers, whether diabetic, venous, neuropathic or infected. The red-light lasers are consequently well-established in these fields, but more recently their effectiveness in the treatment of acne, psoriasis, herpes simplex and other dermatological conditions is becoming accepted. They are also used in post-surgical applications, to reduce scarring and healing time.
In addition to the single probes, which can be provided with your choice of tips and attachments, we can now offer a red light cluster probe with 5 laser diodes facilitating rapid treatment of more extensive superficial areas. This reduces clinical treatment time and improves cost-effectiveness.
Our compact cluster probes all come with articulated heads for ease of use and also have autoclavable bezels. Where the clinical need can be served by either a single or a cluster probe, the choice is then between prioritizing initial outlay or cost of treatment time, according to your circumstances.
Invisible Infra-Red Probes
The Infra-red probes provide a penetrative, highly effective wavelength for soft tissue and sports injuries, pain relief, acupuncture point stimulation and smoking cessation. These probes encourage fast resolution of musculoskeletal and tendon injuries and substantial relief of arthritic, herpetic neuralgic and neuropathic pain. An Infra-red is the probe of choice for treatment for verrucae and general stimulation of immune system response. Needle-free, non-invasive acupuncture and trigger-point stimulation via these probes is used for a range of conditions including smoking cessation and tinnitus.
Multi-Wavelength Probes
Our multi-wavelength cluster probes incorporate the most effective wavelength combinations from research results and a practical large irradiation area.
The use of selected multiple wavelengths has been found to create a synergistic effect, resulting in a cellular response enhanced by comparison with single wavelength use only. This makes the multi-wavelength probe indispensable for treatment of many conditions from sports injuries through wound healing to chronic pain.

For maxiofacial, dental and wound healing applications, we offer a range of tips which enable the clinician to treat in the mouth or into sinuses with ease and accuracy, ensuring that the light is used directly onto the affected tissue. The red-light probes allow the additional benefit of direct illumination and improved visibility of the affected area.
Autoclavable Tips
All of the probes have removable autoclavable tips or bezels for cluster probes.
The single probes can also be fitted with specialist tips, all of which are interchangeable and again autoclavable. For Acupuncture, we provide a narrow beam adaptor designed specifically for the stimulation of acupuncture points. This attachment tip is also the ideal size for treatment directly into the ear for tinnitus.
This attachment provides the conductivity for the single probes when used with the acupuncture point finder on the Xp base unit.
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