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Clinical Skill Lab & Simulators » Laparoscopic Suture Simulator MW16

Laparoscopic Suture Simulator - Evaluation System MW16

Laparoscopic Suture Simulator evaluates skills in laparoscopic intestinal suture, as well as simple skin suture. The simulator also facilities basic training in laparoscopy.

  1. This model evaluates skills in laparoscopis intestinal tract suture.
  2. Evaluation data of user's improvement can be saved.
  3. Intestinal parts are made of life-like material. Needle-tip response can be felt at puncture and insertion.
  4. Apparatus can be stored in the unit ready to use.
  5. Leak test with air to validate effective suture.
3 Training Modes

Laparoscopic Intestinal Suture Laparoscopic Forceps Training Evaluation on Skin Suture Under Direct Vision
Use Forceps to start training in suture skills. User's skills can be evaluated in 5 criteria. User can learn how to use forceps in the built-in training box of the unit model. Without the training box, the unit can be used for skin suture under direct vision.
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