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Nursing Simulators » Nursing Education » Midwifery » Gynecology Diagnostic LM050

Gynecology Diagnostic Training Model LM - 050

This model can be used for training and instruction for the diagnosis of various disease states in gynecology (including intramuscularis hysteromyoma, subserous myoma, ovarian cyst, and hydrosalpinx), as well as probing and collection of intimal smears.

The epidermis, vagina and anus are made of a special silicone giving the model suitable flexibility to allow the trainee to obtain impressions that closely resemble the visual and tactile impressions provided by a real human body.
Both normal and abnormal parts of the internal reproductive organs, consisting of the uterus and ovaries, are provided. The sizes of cysts and edemas can be adjusted by pumping of air.
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