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Clinical Skill Lab & Simulators » Female Organ Model LM-030

Female Organ Model LM-030


  • Model is used to practice the insertion of female contraceptive devices, such as pessaries, as well as the application of contraceptive agents.
  • Model is made of a special silicone rubber. Like a living human, the skin and vagina are very soft to the touch. The inside surface is also extremely realistic for manual examination practice.
  • This model can be separated into right and left parts to show the internal structure of organs such as the vagina, uterus, and bladder as well as skeletal structure.
  • The uterus can also be separated into two parts.
  • This is extremely useful for teaching the insertion and positioning of contraceptive devices such as rings and lUD.
The labia minora are closed and the ostium vaginae is concealed, just like the normal state of the human body
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