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F-Socket™ VersaTek® System(in-socket analysis)

The F-Socket system addresses the needs of the Orthotist & Prosthetist (O & P) professional by enabling improved design, fit, and function of prosthetics. Because it provides detailed pressure profiles and graphical displays for quantitative analysis, the F-Socket system is the key to better knowledge of pressure distribution within the prosthetic socket interface.


The F-Socket system uses a paper-thin, high-resolution sensor placed within the socket that can be trimmed into freely floating fingers to closely approximate the curvature of the socket interface. This allows the amputee to walk while the pressure and force distribution data is captured. F-Socket allows you to closely examine the formation of pressures within the socket interface during the various phases of gait and modify the socket/stump interface accordingly. The F-Socket system is available with either VersaTek® or Mobile electronics.
1. Connect 2. Collect 3. Analyze
BR Biomedicals
127 Hz Scan Rate with Mobile electronics; 750 Hz Scan Rate withVersaTek electronics Sensor model 9811E trims to prosthetic View 2-D or 3-D data;
several graphing options to identify high risk areas
  • Determine the proper fit of below the knee (BK) and above the knee (AK) sockets and prostheses
  • Determine contact area and dynamic stress analysis of the socket design
  • Assess the design and evaluate function of the socket
  • Examine the distribution of pressure during various phases of gait
  • Improve design and fit of sockets and prosthetics
  • Increase longevity for wear of socket and use of prosthesis
  • Reduce recovery time for improved healing
  • Tangible, visible biofeedback, therefore increasing compliance and tolerance of the amputee to the socket and prostheses
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