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F-Scan® Lite VersaTek® System (pedal in-shoe analysis)

F-Scan® Lite is a single foot in-shoe system using the F-Scan paper-thin reusable sensor placed in the shoe providing pedal plantar pressure and force measurements on the foot. Information regarding plantar pressure distribution is instantly displayed on your computer screen to enhance your ability to evaluate, substantiate, and document your diagnosis. Unlike traditional visual observation of foot function and gait, F-Scan quantifies contact pressure distribution and timing. It includes sensors, scanning electronics, and software as well as a protocol for analysis, diagnosis, and confirmation of the effectiveness of interventions. The extremely thin, high-resolution F-Scan sensor ensures the most accurate data is captured. Other features of the system include:
  • Captures fast dynamic events with high scan rates.
  • Lightweight hardware, indicator lights, and standard CAT5E cables with the VersaTek Cuffs
  • Snap-in-place connection to sensor with new Edge connection
  • Easy-to-use and portable system with USB connection to laptop
1.Trim 2. Connect 3. Collect 4. Analyze
BR Biomedicals
Sensor model 3000E trims to fit shoe size and a range of footwear 750 Hz Scan Rate and Click-to-Connect Edge sensor Ultra-thin, high-resolution sensor - 960 sensels Compare pre- and post-conditions

BR Biomedicals  
  • Analyze pathomechanics related to foot dysfunctions and gait disorders
  • Assess effect of orthotics on foot and gait biomechanics
  • Screen for disorders secondary to diabetes and other neuropathic issues
  • Identify areas of potential ulceration
  • Observe foot function and gait abnormalities
  • Regulate weight bearing after surgery
  • Compare pre- and post-surgery conditions
  • Monitor degenerative foot disorders
  • Assess high pressures due to ray hypomobility
  • Isolate regions of the foot for segmented analysis
BR Biomedicals  

BR Biomedicals  
  • Enhance treatment outcomes
  • Improve orthotic footwear performance
  • Manage treatment of foot inside the shoe
  • Reduce costs by minimizing the need for follow-up and orthotic adjustments
  • Increase patient satisfaction and generate more referrals
  • Provide supporting documentation for fee-for-service approach and/or insurance claims
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