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 Excalibur Olympic Standard Ergometer

The Gold Standard in Ergometry

With proven accuracy and reliability, the Excalibur Sport is renowned worldwide as "the gold standard in ergometry". The newly designed and improved Excalibur Sport ergometer meets the latest requirements of modern sports medicine and research. Since athletes are becoming more and more powerful and testing more advanced than ever, this ergometer has been developed for extreme workloads up to 2500 watt! The new design ensures maximum stability at these high workloads. Thanks to the increased adjustability, versatile positioning of the test subject has never been better!

Workload control The workload of this latest Lode ergometer is adjustable in a range of 8-2500 watt. The peak load of 1500 - 2500 watt can be maintained for a maximum of 6 minutes. With the standard external control unit, the workload can be controlled in the following modes: isokinetic, hyperbolic, linear, torque and heart rate (optional). Adjustability The handlebar can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. Moreover, the saddle has horizontal, vertical and angle adjustment. The height of both the handlebar and saddle can be positioned by Lode's unique one-touch adjustment handle. In addition, it is now possible to read out the most important parameters of the seating position of the test subject on the display of the control unit. Control & Interface The Excalibur Sport can be controlled by a PC (with the optional LEM software) as well as by external equipment. During the test, the parameters of workload, rpm, time, distance and torque are displayed on the external control unit. The additional handlebar display indicates rpm and/or workload.
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