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Histopathology » Cytocentrifuge Cellspin

Cytocentrifuge Cellspin

Cytocentrifuge Cellspin
The cost-efficient alternative for monolayer
cell preparation
Flexible choice and handling of rotors
  • Cytocentrifugation open or closed (12 loading positions)
  • Easily removable rotor for ouside loading
  • Wide variety of rotors available (sediment, cytocentrifuge)
Competitively priced consumables
  • Single and double cellfunnels (reusable or disposable)
  • Large volume Ecofunnels (reusable or disposable)
  • Absorption pads
  • Cytocentrifugation Slides
Easy and safe handling
  • Convenient preparation
  • Slide clips applicable to resusable and disposable funnels
  • Slide label readable at any time
  • Indication of the RCF during centrifugation
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