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Cryotur Stream Technology

The new air flow cryotherapy offers enhanced therapeutic capabilities without requiring skin contact.
Room air is cooled with the assistance of a compressor down to -35°C.
Within the specially closed circuit our environmental friendly coolant radically decreases the temperature of the air , which is then delivered with a set flow to the tissues. No consumable is necessary, making its operation extremely cost effective.
Two available modes of operation, constant dosage and constant temperature make cryotur stream an effective and flexible tool that allows the users versatile therapies. The standard IR sensor guides the therapeutic parameters to succeed optimal result in a safe
and controlled way.
Hands free operation using the specially designed arm for static use
Dual Operation Modes, constant dose or constant temperature
Real time temperature measurement in all modes
Ergonomic, Elegant Design of handpiece with anti frost grip
Arm for static use
3 different flow cups

Two methods for delivering thermal shock to the affected tissue can be chosen:

  • By contact using the new Kryotur device with renewed design and variety of applicators
    • By air using the Cryotur stream, the new air flow cryothrapy device

Rheumatology: Myalgiae, rheumatic myogeloses, chron. polyarthritis, activated arthrosis, insertion tendinitises, endovaginitises, periarthropathy
Orthopedics, accident surgery & sports medicine: Luxations, distortions, contusions, pre- and
postoperative irritations, arthritis, arthrosis, condition after joint replacement surgery, muscular lesions (strain, contusion, fiber rupture), nerve root syndrome, reflex dystrophy.
Neurology: Neuralgia, spasmodic muscle reactions (apoplexy, transverse syndrome), nerve root compression syndrome (ischialgiae, etc.)
Physiotherapy & ergotherapy: Faciliative, relaxing, analgesic

BR Biomedicals  

BR Biomedicals  


Kryotur is the classic conduction electrotherapy now housed in the TUR therapy tower offering the possibility of combined therapeutic modalities such as Radial Shockwave Therapy, electortherapy and ultrasound.
The production of cold energy is achieved by means of thermoelectrical modules (Peltier elements) that cool down to a controlled temperature fluid which circulates and reaches the different applicator types.
For different applicators the treatment temperature may be adjusted in the range of +12°C to -10°C. A variety of applicators may be easily exchanged by leakagefree plug connectors. Hence, the unit can be
quickly adapted to the miscellaneous requirements of applications.
Specially designed cryo-cuffs may be applied for interval and biological rhythm operation or feedback controlled cooling with constant temperature (a plug-in temperature sensor is set underneath the cooling cuff to enable direct tissue surface contact).
Moreover, it is possible to connect a cooling head for short circle icing and in extension with any TUR electrotherapy unit for a combined treatment of cryo-therapy and different versions of stimulating currents applied via the cooling head and a plate electrode.


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