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CONFORMat® System(seating & positioning analysis)

CONFORMat® is a portable interface pressure mapping system, which captures seat, and back pressure distribution and contact area. This system provides quantified data for diagnosis and objective decision-making on mode of treatment. Unlike other thick, cloth-like sensors, the CONFORMat sensor conforms to the surface and captures the true interface pressure measurement. Vivid color shows how the body conforms to the support surface and graphical analysis provides documentation of before and after case comparisons. The unique conforming capabilities of the CONFORMat provide for optimal contouring of the buttocks. It allows the patient to "sit" in the cushion or support surface with minimal sensor interference.

The CONFORMat was found to have superior performance over other interface pressure mats on:
  • Pressure magnitude readings at areas of highest loading and at the most complex curvatures
  • Buttocks immersion indicating least amount of hammocking
  • Least overall influence between the buttocks and common seat cushions

For clinicians treating ulcers, pressure sores, and other complications related to seating & positioning, CONFORMat aids in optimal selection and design of seating and positioning support surfaces and solutions right in the clinic. For researchers studying seating, bedding and design-function of chairs, cushions, support materials and mattresses, CONFORMat provides data information for answering research hypotheses or development questions.CONFORMat is available with either Evolution® or VersaTek® electronics.
1. Connect 2. Conform 3. Capture
BR Biomedicals
100 Hz Scan Rate with both Evolution and VersaTek systems True measurement - sensor model 5330(E) conforms to surface with over 2,000 sensing elements View 2-D or 3-D data;
several graphing options to identify high risk areas
  • Screen for pressure that may cause sores, ulcers, and wounds
  • Identify pressure on high risk areas
  • Monitor progression and treatment of wound ulcerations
  • Pre- and post-surgical evaluations
  • Assess seating and posture abnormalities
  • Assist in writing orthotic prescriptions
  • Assess deviated C of F position and trajectories
  • Fully conforming sensor significantly reduces hammocking
  • Reduces the incidence of ulceration, tissue deterioration, and speeds healing of existing pressure sores, ulcers, and wounds
  • Provides better selection of support surfaces and cushions
  • Assists in writing treatment prescriptions
  • Tangible, visible biofeedback for the client
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