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Display 2-D and 3-D real-time and recorded data pressure and forcecurves over time , Frame by frame, single, and multi-stance phase displays,Isolate and analyze specific areas of plantar foot,Import and export client movie files Display Center of Force and its trajectory ApplicationsBenefits:Quantify continuous gaitpatterns over many strides Identify plantar pressure profile discrepancies between left and right feet Identify asymmetries during stance phase Identify areas of potential ulcerations BR
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Monitor improvements in balance, sway, strength & weight bearing Assess high pressures and deviated Center of Force trajectories due to pronation, supination, or other foot and/or gait related disorders Save time capturing multiple foot strikes (reduction of trials) Reduce incidence of ulcers and speed healing time Educational tool to teach rehabilitation exercises for the lower limb Supporting documentation for fee-for-service approach or insurance claims
Educational tool to teach rehabilitation exercises for the lower limb Tangible, visible biofeedback for the client which increases compliance.

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